Reno Air Races - Unlimited Class - markjohnston
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Robert Odegaard and the very unique F2G-1 "Super Corsair", Race 57, racing in the Unlimited Class at Reno.

This aircraft was the fifth F2G-1 and was built in 1945, and retired from military service in January 1948.

Ben McKillen, Jr. flew the aircraft as Race #57 to third place in the 1949 Thompson Trophy Race at a speed of 387.589 miles per hour, finishing behind Cook Cleland flying another F2G. McKillen won the 1949 Tinnerman Trophy Race in Race #57 at a speed of 386.069 miles per hour.

Odegaard acqiured the aircraft in 1996 and returned it to airworthy condition in 1999. The highest official speed posted by Race 57 during the 2006 National Championship Air Races was 370.020 mph.

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