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Shanghai's Bund district from the Huangpu River

A panoramic view of The Bund looking across the Huangpu River from Pudong. Buildings along the waterfront include [left to right]: The McBain Building, The Shanghai Club Building, The Union Building, The NKK Building, the Russell & Co. Building, The Great Northern Telegraph Co. Building, the China Merchants Company Building, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank [HSBC] Building, The Customs House, The Bank of Communications Building, The Russo-Chinese Bank, The Bank of Taiwan, the North China Daily News Building, The Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, The Palace Hotel, The Peace Hotel, The Bank of China, and part of The Yokohama Specie Bank, The Yangtze Insurance Association Building, and the EWO Building, The Glen Line Building, and The Banque de L'Indo-Chine.

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